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No: beijing0813

18 August 2008

Flatwater racing Day One Heats report and photographs

Beijing - The first day of flatwater racing on the regatta course at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park produced no major surprises as the the established stars progressed through to semi-finals, and in some cases directly into finals racing in near perfect conditions, with a gently headwind for most of the afternoon.

World champion Tim Brabants, Olympic 500m champion Adam van Koeverden and defending champion Eirik Veraas Larsen of Norway, who only arrived in Beijing on Friday, all won their men's 1000m K1 heats and secured the prized berths directly into Fridays final.

In the C1 1000m heats, defending champion David Cal of Spain, and world champ Attila Vajda of Hungary secured direct final berths, along with Uzbekistan's Vadim Menkov, who produced something of an upset by edging France's Mathieu Goubel into second, relegating him to a semi-final.

The women's 500m K4 heats saw six boats race directly into the final, led by the impressive German and Hungarian crews, with the up-and-coming crew from South Africa displacing Italy into the semi-final on Wednesday.

In the men's 1000m K2 heats six boats secured direct final qualifications, with the experienced Swedish K2 crew of Markus Oscarsson and Anders Gustaffson being disqualified for leaving their lane shortly after the start of their heat after their rudder system malfunctioned.

In the men's 1000m C2 heats there were victories for the Olympic champions Christian Gille and Thomasz Wylenzek of Germany, and the Bahdanovich brothers from Belarus.

In the closing heats the German men's K4 posted a thrilling win over their arch-rivals from Hungary in the 1000m K4 heats, with Slovakia taking the other heat.

MENS K1 1000m HEAT 1
1.Tim Brabants GBR 3:27.828 QF
2.Zoltan Benko HUN 3:29.542
3.Markus Oscarsson SWE 3:30.044
4.Emanuel Silva POR 3:31.843
5.Shaun Rubenstein RSA 3:36.134
6.Dmitry Torpolov RUS 3:39.671
7.Manuel Cortina MEX 3:41.433
8.Tayzra Phone Myint MYA 3:53.578 DNQ
9.Assane Dane Fall SEN 4:07.061 DNQ

MENS K1 1000m HEAT 2
1.Adam van Koeverden CAN 3:29.622 QF
2.Stjepan Janic CRO 3:31.269
3.Ben Fouhy NZL 3:33.037
4.Jernej Zupancic Regent SLO 3:33.289
5.Michael Kolganov ISR 3:38.207
6.Rami Zur USA 3:38.693
7.Jorge Garcia 3:38.866
8.Francis Koutoua Abua CIV 4:14.411 DNQ
9.Alcino Gomes da Silva STP 4:28.057 DNQ

MENS K1 1000m HEAT 3
1.Eirik Veraas Larsen NOR 3:29.043 QF
2.Ken Wallace AUS 3:30.306
3.Max Hoff GER 3:30.316
4.Anton Ryakhov RUS 3:38.381
5.Yao Pan CHN 3:40.774
6.Miguel Antonio Correa ARG 3:45.695
7.Rudolph Berking-Williams SAM 4:00.784
8.Tony Lespoir SEY 4:05.890 DNQ

MENS C1 1000m HEAT 1
1.Attila Vajda HUN 3:55.319 QF
2.Florin Goergian Mironcic ROU 3:57.538
3.Marcin Grzybowski POL 4:02.010
4.Mikelis Ezmalis LAT 4:13.777
5.Torsten Lachmann AUS 4:15.188
6.Jose Everardo Cristobel MEX 4:15.280
7.Luis Fortunato Pacavira ANG 4:39.538
8.Sean Pangelinan GUM 4:49.284 DNQ

MENS C1 1000m HEAT 2
1.Vadim Menkov UZB 3:56.793 QF
2.Mathieu Goubel FRA 3:56.972
3.Marian Ostrcil SVK 4:00.191
4.Alaiksandr Zhukovski BLR 4:01.380
5.Victor Melantev RUS 4:03.316
6.Nivalter Jesus BRA 4:17.407
7.Mikhail Yemelyanov KAZ 4:19.259

MENS C1 1000m HEAT 3
1.David Cal ESP 3:58.756 QF
2.Andreas Dittmer GER 4:00.505
3.Aldo Pruna CUB 4:02.351
4.Thomas Hall CAN 4:05.198
5.Andreas Kiligardidis GRE 4:18.488
6.Iurii Cheban UKR 4:23.188
7.Calvin Mokoto RSA 4:33.887

WOMEN'S K4 500m HEAT 1
1.Germany 1:33.912 QF
2.China 1:36.971 QF
3.South Africa 1:37.399 QF
4.Italy 1:37.436
5.Japan 1:38.618

1.Hungary 1:34.321 QF
2.Poland 1:36.497 QF
3.Australia 1:36.516 QF
4.Spain 1:37.914
5.Canada 1:39.366

MEN'S K2 1000m HEAT 1
1.Martin Hollstein/Andreas Ihle GER 3:15.987 QF
2.Kim Wraae Knudsen/Rene Holtern Poulsen DEN 3:18.709 QF
3.Phillipe Colin/Cyrille carre FRA 3:18.968 QF
4.Kevin de Bont/Bob Maesen BEL 3:21.604
5.Jie Shen/Huang Zhipeng CHN 3:26.443
6.Jose Ramos/gabriel Rodriguez VEN 3:31.569
Markus Oscarsson/Anders Gustaffson SWE DISQ

MEN'S K2 1000m HEAT 2
1.Zoltan Kammerer/Gabor Kucsera HUN 3:17.636 QF
2.Adam Seronczynski/Mariusz Kujawski POL 3:18.282 QF
3.Andrea Facchin/Antonio Scaduto ITA 3:18.897 QF
4.Mike Walker/Steve Ferguson NZL 3:19.167
5.Krists Straume/Kistaos Zalupe LAT 3:23.198
6.Mika Hokajarvi/Kalle Mikkonen FIN 3:23.475
7.Steven Jorens/Ryan Cuthbert CAN 3:29.037

MEN'S C2 1000m HEAT 1
1.Christain Gille/Thomasz Wylenzek GER 3:40.939 QF
2.Constantin Ciprian Popa/Niculae Flocea ROU 3:41.864 QF
3.Russell Andrew/G.Beauchesne-Sevigny CAN 3:43.491 QF
4.Gyorgy Zokmann/Tamas Kiss HUN 3:46.020
5.Bertrand Hemonic/William Tchamba FRA 3:46.431
6.Jose Everardo Cristobal/Dimas Camilo MEX 3:51.648
7.Ruslan/ Dzhalilov/Petro Kruk UKR 4:06.744

MEN'S C2 1000m HEAT 2
1.Andrei Bahdanivich/Aliaksandr Bahdanovich BLR 3:40.369 QF
2.Serguey Torres/Karel Aguilar CUB 3:41.171 QF
3.Sergey Elegin/Alexander Kostoglod RUS 3:41.291 QF
4.Zhongyun Chen/Zhiwu Zhang CHN 3:41.658
5.Wojciech Tyszynski/Pawel Barasziewicz POL 3:42.177
6.Deyan Georgiev/Adnan Aliev BUL 3:54.111

MEN'S K4 1000m HEAT 1
1.Germany 2:57.148 QF
2.Hungary 2:57.242 QF
3.Belarus 2:58.825 QF

4.China 2:59.271
5.Australia 3:00.920

MEN'S K4 1000m HEAT 2
1.Slovakia 2:57.876 QF
2.Italy 2:58.627 QF
3.Poland 2:59.290 QF
4.Russia 2:59.518

5.Canada 3:06.811


Photo Caption Photographer Click to download the hi-res pic
Ben Fouhy of New Zealand in the mens 1000m k1 heats.

Pic:Balint Vekassy /

The Chinese K2 crew of Jie Shen and Huang Zhipeng in the men's 1000m K2 heats

Pic:Balint Vekassy/

Angola's C1 paddler Fortunato Luis Pacavira in action during his 1000m heat.

Pic:Balint Vekassy/

The fancied Hungarian K4 crew of Marton Sik, Istvan Bee, Akos Vereckei and Gabor Bozsik in action during their 1000m K4 heat tussle with Germany.

Pic:Balint Vekassy/

19 year old Calvin Mokoto of South Africa racing in his 1000m C1 heat.

Pic:Balint Vekassy/

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